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5 Best Tips on How to Earn Passive Income As a Graphic Designer

June 30, 2023
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how to earn passive income as a graphic designer

There are a lot of ways how to earn passive income as a graphic designer that is in line with your passion and skill. Here are some of the ideas if you are a graphic designer. 

You know the saying, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In a sense, this also works on how you manage your income. It never hurts to have more than one income source, especially if you are freelancing. Having more than one source of income will help you get through those days when your main job doesn’t generate enough money.

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There are a lot of ways to earn passive income, but many people don’t know how to generate a passive income that is still in line with their passion or skill. One of the most common questions is how to earn passive income as a graphic designer

In this article, we are going to show you five tips to earn passive income for a graphic designer.

Tweak the old and unused design elements

Designers usually have a lot of projects with different clients each week or month. When working on projects with clients, you will have leftover or unused elements most of the time. Rather than deleting and throwing away your hard work, you can always upcycle and reuse them.  

Tweak, edit, and upcycle these unused elements. Then you can always sell them as stock art which will generate income for every time people download them. You can also turn them into prints and sell them as printed products!

Create design templates

Design templates are some of the design elements sought after, especially by non-designers who wish to design something fast and don’t require a lot of designing skills. This can be a great source of passive income for designers. 

You can create various design templates for these non-designers, for example, presentations, resumes, business cards, website layouts, mockups, and so on. It is also easy to sell them because you can upload them on popular design marketplace, such as Shutterstock, Creative Market, Etsy, etc. 

Teach your skill to new designers

Another tip on how to earn passive income as a graphic designer is teaching your skill to new designers. As a designer, you have a lot of skills that not many people have but want. This is where you can thrive on generating passive incomes. 

Create an online course, ebook, or other learning media to share what you know about design. You will only need to create once and then sell it over and over again. You can upload your learning materials to learning sites such as Skillshare or Udemy, allowing you to generate passive income. 

You can also organize online classes or workshops for people who are interested in designing. For this job, you will need to invest time to compile good and comprehensive learning materials. However, you will only create once, and you can always reuse the materials a lot of time.

Sell design assets and tools

If you are the type of designer who loves to create your own custom assets and tools, there is good news. Other designers are often looking for these assets and tools to make their designing process easier and more practical. Creative people love to experiment using new resources, so it is a great idea to sell your customized assets. 

Various assets are often sought after by other designers—for example, fonts, brushes, grids, UI kits, textures, etc. If you are going to sell these types of assets, make sure to display them in such a way as to attract potential buyers. 

Selling merchandise

The last tip on how to earn passive income as a graphic designer but certainly not the least, is selling merchandise. You can design various merchandise, such as stickers, mugs, and many others. Nowadays, there are a lot of print-on-demand services that will make selling merchandise easier. 

Selling merchandise is a great passive income, especially if you have a large audience or followers who love your work. Therefore, if you want to try earning passive income this way, you may want to build your following before selling merchandise.

Besides the five ways on how to earn passive income as a graphic designer mentioned above, there are a lot of other things you can try to generate more income. You may need a little practice and have a lot of trials and errors. However, don’t worry. As long as you keep trying and learning from experience, you will generate passive income too!

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