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7 Cricut Design Space Tips to Make Your Crafting Life A Lot Easier

June 24, 2023
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Cricut Design Space Tips

Cricut Design Space Tips
7 Cricut Design Space Tips to Make Your Crafting Life A Lot Easier

Cricut Design Space is a great tool to help you make a craft. Learn some Cricut Design Space Tips below to make your crafting life a lot easier!

The Cricut machine is an amazing tool for crafters. It allows you to cut various materials in various design shapes. Using Cricut Design Space, you will be able to create various beautiful designs for your craft. However, a new crafter may need some time to get used to designing using this software.

This software is not difficult to use; however, some features may not be very intuitive. However, you don’t need to worry since this article will show you some tips and tricks on using Cricut Design Space software.

Get Creative with the Search Term

Cricut design space offers extensive images in its library. However, the searching terms sometimes can be a little too specific. Therefore, you will need to get creative when looking for images in this library for your design. Sometimes changing one single letter can make a huge difference. 

For example, you will see how singular forms of a word can yield more results than plural forms. Another way is using synonyms of the terms that you’re looking for. That is because sometimes, certain images are tagged in different terms. 

Customize the Design

The beauty of using Cricut Design Space is that it can be changed, personalized, or customized. You mostly need three editing tools available: Weld, Slice, and Contour. You can find these tools at the bottom right of the toolbar. 

While it may not seem to do much in terms of editing, these three tools are powerful enough for personalizing your design.

Utilize Cartridge Tool

There are plenty of times when you find the design or image you like when searching from the library, but difficult to find a similar style. Don’t worry. It is actually really easy with this Cricut Design Space software. Just use the cartridge feature to find them!

You can do this by looking at the cartridge or set of images that you have found. Then, click on the small button at the bottom right corner of the image. Then, a clickable link will pop up, and follow the link to find the full set of images. 

Make Use of Free Assets

If you are a habitual crafter, you will get a lot of benefits by having Cricut Access memberships. However this cricut tips for beginners you can always use the free assets. The free assets from Cricut Design Space are the perfect resources if you’re just starting and don’t want to spend money to practice cutting using Cricut. 

Either free images and free fonts, the Cricut Design Space library has it all. If you are looking for free images to use, select the free option, and you will be presented with an array of free images to use.

To find fonts to use on your Cricut machine, you can find the font menu filter and select ‘My Fonts.’ This option will allow you to see all fonts on your device, along with Cricut fonts that you have purchased previously.

Cut Effectively by Moving Items Around

The Cricut Design Space software can automatically populate the images onto the mat based on their color and orientation. However, you can also arrange them in such a way so that you can cut more effectively and precisely. All you need to do is drag and drop the images around to suit your needs.

With this method cricut design space tips and tricks, you can use scrap or oddly shaped material so that nothing goes to waste. Just remember to match the gridlines on the screen and the mat so that the design can fit perfectly. 

Edit Your Cricut Settings

Cricut can cut various materials, and you only need to set up the settings. However, sometimes the machine cannot sufficiently cut through the materials. Therefore, you will need to adjust the settings.

Adjust it for any materials from the Materials menu. This way, you will not need to re-adjust the machine every single time you want to cut certain materials. 

Mirror Setting

another Cricut Design Space Tips is Some projects need reverse or mirror design before you cut it through, for example, working on an Iron-On project. You can flip the design horizontally on the canvas. However, there is an easier way to do this, which is the Mirror option. Using this option will mirror your design on the cut screen so that it is easier to adjust.

Cricut is a nice way to create a craft, and you can easily adjust them to suit your needs. While it may need some time for you to get used to using the Cricut Design Space software and the machine, once you know the tricks, you will be able to produce a lot of craft in a short time!

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