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2 Easy Steps How To Install Fonts on Cricut Design

September 21, 2022
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2 Easy Steps How To Install Fonts on Cricut Design
2 Easy Steps How To Install Fonts on Cricut Design
2 Easy Steps How To Install Fonts on Cricut Design

How To Install Fonts on Cricut Design ? Well, you don’t really need to directly install it on the program, so read on to find out how. Want to add a new font to Cricut Design Space but don’t know how to do it? Or, perhaps you would like to add your own custom typefaces to your Cricut font inventory. In this article, we will go over How to install fonts on cricut design, as well as how to employ your newly installed font on Cricut.

How to Upload Fonts to Cricut

One big misconception when it comes to using Cricut is that you have to manually add a font to the program in order to use it. In actuality, the process is considerably much simpler than that.

If you ever downloaded font to use it on Microsoft Word on your Mac or PC, you have figured out the basic steps of installing fonts on Cricut. To remind you of the process, below are the step-by-step instructions on How To Install Fonts on Cricut Design :

  1. Visit a free font website or the paid one to grab the font you’d like to use.
  2. Download your choice of font and save it to your preferred folder.
  3. Locate the font file and unzip it by double-clicking on it. Most font files come with TTF or OTF formats. Install the OTF one, if possible, and follow the prompts on your respective device to install the font.

Now the font is installed on your device. Then, how to install it on Design Space? As previously mentioned, you don’t need to upload the font to Cricut manually.

When you launch Cricut, the program will automatically read the new fonts installed on your system. That is basically all you require to know on How To Install Fonts on Cricut Design.

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How to Use New Installed Fonts on Cricut

To use your new installed fonts on Cricut Design Space below is the complete tutorial:

  1. Launch Cricut Design Space. If it’s already open, close it and open it again.
  2. Click on “New Project” in the bottom area. If you have a saved project, select “My Projects” at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the “Text” icon on the left side of the window.
  4. Before you can try out your newly installed font, you will need to first add some text. Once the “Text” icon is selected, type your sample text. Then, Cricut automatically renders the text.
  5. At the top of the screen, select the “Font” drop-down menu.
  6. Search for your newly installed font by typing its name on the “Search Fonts” box. You can also select “System” to filter all the installed fonts on your device. If you don’t have any installed font, click “Cricut.” That is where you can find the default Cricut Design Space fonts.

Can’t find the installed font even after following every step on How To Install Fonts on Cricut Design above? Don’t fret! There are several things you can try. Try to restart the program by quitting it and reopening it. If you still can’t find your newly installed font and are sure you have installed it, you will need to restart your device.

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