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How to Install Fonts on Procreate Ipad Pro – Easy Step

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How to Install Fonts on Procreate

how to install fonts on Procreate ? Do you know that you can add fonts on Procreate and apply your custom fonts on Procreate? Yes, you can! Procreate, known as one of the leading painting applications for mobile devices, help you create custom fonts in addition to their many available fonts. Installing the font is very easy. To show you how, here are the steps on how to install fonts on Procreate

Downloading a Font

  1. First, you need to download the font files. The files can be .ttf or .otf files. There are many options of font sites you can choose from. Pick a font and download it.
  1. Once the font download is successful, click on an arrow that appears on the right of your browser. If you can’t see the arrow indicating the download progress is completed, you can go to your Download folder.
  1. On your Download folder, you can see the font file. Mostly, the file will be either .zip, .otf, or .ttf files. Since you now have saved the font file, we can move to the next step using Procreate.

Those are 3 easy steps on how to install fonts on Procreate.

How to Install Fonts on Procreate

  1. To import and use the font you want, open project on the app. On the upper left, you will see a wrench icon. Click the icon to start the Action menu.
  2. Next, tap on Actions and choose Add Text.
  1. After clicking Add Text, some sample text in will show up. To be able to edit the text, double click the text box.
  2. On the upper left of option menu that pops up, bring your cursor to the font title. The text choices menu will appear bigger.
  1. Select Import Font on top of the text option box.
  1. After clicking the Import Font, your downloaded font file will be opened. Next, click the .otf or .ttf file to import the font.
  1. Once the font is successfully imported, you can start choosing the font by scrolling through its list and looking for the font title you wish to use. To use it for your text, simply click on it. Now, you can use the selected font in Procreate. You can change it whenever you want with more font options.

Those are seven easy steps on how to install fonts on Procreate.

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Using Your Own Font in Procreate

Here’s how you can access and use your selected font with the program. Your imported font can be modified in many ways.

In the Design menu, you will see many options to change or play with your text. For example, you can change your text into bold, italic, or a different size. If you want to set the amount of space in your text, you can tap on Kerning option.

Below Kerning, you will see Tracking option. Tracking is used to edit the spaces between each word and each line, while Leading is used to edit the upright space between words’ lines.

To change the text’s line position, use Baseline menu. On the bottom, there is Opacity option which is used to set the text’s visibility.

Besides giving you an experience of real drawing into digital art, Procreate also helps you create your own favorite font. Those steps above on how to install fonts on Procreate will allow you to use and try as many different fonts as you like.

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