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5 Best Tips and Tricks on How to Design an Instagram Carousel

January 25, 2022
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how to design an Instagram Carousel
how to design an Instagram Carousel
5 Best Tips and Tricks on How to Design an Instagram Carousel

This article we will share how to design an Instagram Carousel. it is more often shared and saved because of the value it offers. Read along to get some of the best tips in designing an Instagram Carousel. 

There are a lot of ways to increase Instagram engagement. One of them is by using the Instagram carousel feature. Instagram carousel is the type of post that contains multiple images. With this feature, users can post up to 10 images or videos, and the audience can see them by swiping the post through. 

Instagram carousel is more often shared and saved because of the value it offers. As share and save increase, Instagram will show your posts more to people who may be interested.

For this reason, it is important to create an interesting and beautiful design for your Instagram carousel. That is why in this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks on How do you make a good carousel on Instagram ?

Decide on a concept

The first thing you need to do is choose a concept that you want to post. The best content that can generate engagement usually falls into three categories: inspiration, education, and entertainment. 

Choose between the three, or you can also combine them. While it is true that you want your content to be amazing and interesting, but if it doesn’t offer value to your audience, then the less likely it would be shared or saved. 

Decide the number of slides from the get-go

Many creators make the content as they go and don’t prepare how many slides they want to put on their Instagram carousel. While there are no exact rules on how to design an Instagram Carousel, it would be difficult to adjust them when you’re posting it without planning. 

It would be better to decide from the get-go how many slides you want on your post. Then, multiply the number of slides with the dimensions you choose. For example, if you post 10 square images with dimensions of instagram carousel size 1080×1080, then the dimensions of your design should be 10800x1080px with instagram carousel app.

Once you know the proper dimensions, go to Photoshop and create a canvas of 10800×1080 px. Then, click on View > New Guide Layout and edit it to have 10 columns and 1 row. By doing this, you will be able to create a precise design for your Instagram Carousel. 

Cover is important!

As important as the content is, you also need an eye-catching cover slide to attract your audience you can use instagram carousel mockup or instagram carousel template canva for a catchy headline is a great way to attract an audience since it is to the point and is easy to read. Without catchy headlines, your audience will not swipe your next slide and scroll through to other accounts.

For a carousel, opt for slender and bold fonts. These types of fonts are easy to notice and are legible enough. Remember, you will need good typography so that your content looks attractive and easy to read.

Make sure your content has a good structure

Indeed, Instagram is mostly a visual platform; however, you also need to structure your content. Many people think that as long as the design looks good, then they are good to go. However, do you know that just because your Instagram carousel design looks good doesn’t mean that it will perform well?

Since the goal is to add value, you have to think carefully about how to deliver the message for marketing instagram carousel. Therefore, your content should grab attention, have to be able to address pain points, and offer solutions. Only by providing these structures, your audience will see the value in your Instagram Carousel post, which increases the possibility of being saved and shared.

Add images

Last but not least is adding images or videos. Adding these two elements will make your post more interesting. There is a creative way to add an image: adding it on the fold or edge of the slides. This method will give your post an illusion that the image is spilling to the next slide.

Adding images or videos in a non-conventional way will make your Instagram post look more unique and creative. It will be easier for you to attract your targeted audience and make your brand look more trustworthy. 

These are to name a few tips and tricks on how to design an Instagram carousel. Of course, there is no one strict general rule on how you should design your content. After all, content creation is an always-evolving field. Therefore, you will need to constantly experiment on which method can generate engagement the best. 

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